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  • game DRIVER Renegade 3D from Ubisoft
  • gameResident Evil: The Mercenaries N3DS
  • game Zelda 3DS : Ocarina of Time

N3DS R4i SDHC Flash Card

  • Copy Nintendo 3DS games - Play backups with R4i 3DS

    The R4i RTS 3DS is a Nintendo 3DS compatible flash cart is user friendly and all you have to do is download a game on the cart and the R4i RTS 3DS will do the rest. The game compatibility of the R4i RTS is remarkable and probably the best Nintendo has to offer in terms of customer support. It truly is easy to run device. The installation and operations of this N3DS R4 RTS flash card is easy and it is fully compatible with NDS, DS Lite and DSi XL consoles. The main features that makes this different from other R4DS cards is the Real Time Save - option to save the game at any place in gameplay - which increases the efficiency of the applications installed. The box contains a microSD card reader and in simple words it is “easy”. Though the official website states that a CD is included in the R4 RTS box but the 3DS R4i RTS review reveals that there is no such CD given to the consumer in the box of the R4i RTS.

    The features as quoted by the R4i 3DS RTS review are incomparable. It has an original skin and cheat code compatible, it has an enviable real time save feature. It supports SDHC of 4G, 8G, 16G and 32G. The game compatibility is optimum. Gaming has ceased to be a mere means of entertainment it truly is an art of technology and the R4 SDHC RTS reviews agrees to the same. It supports the microSD card with no notable lag in speed. The drag and drop feature and the support, download play feature is user friendly and time saving. With a kaleidoscope of irresistible features the R4i RTS for Nintendo 3DS review grades this hardware with an astonishing A+.

  • This R4 card has to compete with other Nintendo 3DS Flash Cards like : AceKard 3DS R4 chip , SuperCard 3DS and the DSi-MODE capable CycloDS iEvolution 3DS as well as a whole lineup of R4 3DS , R4i N3DS and 3DS Flash Cards . Al in all ti does a good job in emulating NDS titles and works well on Nintendo 3DS .
  • R4 3DS Flash Card
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